Bentley Systems funds computer suite for Tiglin

Tiglin and Bentley Systems
Pictured Sean McDermott, Aubrey McCarthy (Tiglin); Carla Ribeiro, Isabella Lubczynska (Bentley Systems); Phil Thompson (Tiglin); Carol Rieg, Didier Ramhit, Daniela Migrova (Bentley Systems); Gavin McCauley, Gillian McCutcheon, Paul Caffrey (Tiglin)



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10 November 2014 | 0

Tiglin Rehab Centre in Ashford, Co. Wicklow, has opened its new computer suite following a donation of €40,000 by Bentley Systems.

The connection between Tiglin and Bentley Systems came when a graduate of the programme started doing voluntary work at Tiglin after returning from studying in the UK where he became familiar with Bentley Systems software.

“It is because of generous donations that Tiglin stays open… The donation from Bentley Systems went towards not only the new computers but also the rewiring and plumbing of the computer suite. It has helped the students enormously in their education, training and personal development,” said Phil Thompson, CEO of Tiglin Rehab Centre.

Up until now, the life skills classes taught on the programme were taught using manuals and workbooks but now these classes can be taught using the computers. A new computer literacy course will be provided by Tiglin partnering with local training bodies.

Didier Ramhit of Bentley Systems added: “Tiglin has such a positive impact on people’s lives and the software will give the students of Tiglin the tools and skills they need when they leave the centre. Technology revolves around us so these skills won’t go to waste.”

Founded in 1984, Bentley has more than 3,000 colleagues in 50 countries, more than $500 million in annual revenue.

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