Baidu eyes smartglasses space


4 April 2013

The war to bring the Internet to your face may just be starting to heat up. We’re all aware of Google’s Project Glass, which recently announced the initial group of celebrities and super connectors who will have the privilege of being the first to pay the company $1,500 to wear its smart headwear. Now Reuters is reporting that Chinese search leader Baidu may be developing its own brand of enabled headgear.

The project, known within the company as Baidu Eye consists of a small LCD screen mounted on a headset and will enable voice and image queries and conduct facial recognition searches.

A Baidu spokesperson said the project is currently being tested internally and there has been no firm decision on whether it will ever be made commercially available.

Beyond headgear, the wearable electronics space is heating up with several big name players including Apple, Samsung, and Google rumored to be developing smartwatches for release in the very near future. However, the technology involved in things like smartwatches isn’t so revolutionary that other non-traditional players will not be able to step-up (keep in mind Pebble was a product of Kickstarter).




While the development of smartphones entailed advanced technologies and contract negotiations with national carriers, wearable tech comes with a slightly lower bar to entry.

This will be a crowded space.

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