Auxilion’s new cybersecurity service to mitigate digital transformation risk

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Service bridges the gap between C-Suite and IT in minimising risk



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9 July 2019 | 0

The IT provider and digital transformation specialist, Auxilion, is launching its Cybersecurity Risk Assessment (CRA) service to the Irish market. This service will be the first Microsoft Certified service of its kind in the country.

CRA will identify vulnerabilities within an organisation and provide a risk score and action plan to help organisations mitigate risks as they move to the Cloud and digitally transform.

In providing automated scans and analyses, Auxilion offers organisations an integrated service solution as they digitally transform.




The service helps the C-Suite clearly understand and mitigate risk while providing the CIO or IT Director with an easily implemented method of documenting progress in the minimising of vulnerabilities and adhering to data privacy legislation.

This development follows BT Ireland research which found that both CIOs and CFOs consider a data breach four times more damaging than the sudden and unexpected departure of a CEO. It also found that 62% of IT leaders in Ireland, believe that in future, a company’s data management capabilities will be just as important to investors as profits and assets.

Organisations can avail of CRA either as a once-off engagement or on a quarterly basis, allowing for ongoing monitoring of its cybersecurity posture, implement recommendations and evaluate any improvements to the that company’s risk posture. This approach allows for a continual assessment against the Microsoft Cybersecurity Reference Architecture to track progress against best practice.

“Organisations are more exposed to risk than ever before; this is due to pressures to digitally transform and the inherent risk this time of change represents,” said Graeme Cross, Information Security Architect, Auxilion. “Hackers are now targeting organisations who are transforming, seeing this as an opportunity to exploit weaknesses exposed during this transition.”

“Another more common and more innocuous risk, is the poorly trained staff member who is unaware of the organisations security processes and governance. Microsoft research recently revealed that only 54% of Irish employees have received security training in the last year.

“Auxilion can now assess and map out key steps to ensure these risks are minimised in a clear and easy to communicate way within the customer’s organisation.”

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