Automation: AI’s ‘low hanging fruit’

Understanding the impact of automation, and how to support it
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5 September 2019

While some analysts might refer to robotic process automation (RPA) as the “low hanging fruit of the AI tree”, others see it as a critical step in understanding how automation can help drive accuracy, efficiency and growth.

Far from disparaging, according to Daniel Newman, principal analyst of Futurum Research, RPA is “the foundation of the AI spectrum—the very basis from which every other advancement grows”.

Newman says that RPA “drives digitisation”.




“It’s the technology that allows payroll, invoicing, and other basic business processes to be seamlessly integrated throughout the enterprise.”

He cites the example of digital marketing, arguing “you can’t automate email marketing campaigns until you digitize your customer records. Until those basic functions go digital, it’s impossible for larger AI processes to take shape. Think of it as the “first step” to AI development.”

Newman further cites a Forbes article which suggest that RPA will be nearly universal by 2022.

However, the implementation of RPA and its associated technologies can require some adjustment to more traditional enterprise architectures, not to mention the systems and control needed to get the best from them. It has even been proposed that RPA and AI-driven automation will prompt the development of new business models which will require new IT architectures.

To explore these and other aspects of RPA and its potential impact for Irish organisations, Technology Ireland ICT Skillnet is hosting a breakfast briefing entitled “IT Architecture – Automation Capabilities and Complex Systems Design,” in IBEC’s Dublin office, on 12 September from 08:30. Attendance is free, but registration is required.

The briefing is aimed at CTOs/CIOs/chief architects/architects/heads of innovation and business leaders, and while appealing to all industries, will also have a specific focus examples around financial services organisations.

Considering whether ‘RPA is just life support for heritage systems,’ or a cost reduction imperative, the agenda features a range of speakers and discussion panel.

See the Technology Ireland ICT Skillnet site for more details and to register.

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