Asystec wins VMware award

Pictured left is Anna Lawler, VMware, Pamela O Brien, Asystec, Lorne Chedzey, Asystec, and Carrie Morris, Asystec

13 July 2016

Asystec has won an award for marketing at the VMware Ireland and UK partner awards in London.

The award was for a campaign centered around VMware’s NSX technology. NSX is the network virtualisation platfom for the sofwatre-defined data centre (SDDC). It embeds networking and security functionality that is typically handled in the hardware directly into the hypervisor. NSX delivers the operational model of a virtual machine for networking and security and unlocks the ability for IT to move at the speed of business.

“At VMworld 2015,” said Lorne Chedzey, SDDC sales manager, Asystec, “Asystec officially launched its dedicated VMware team that would enable us to provide innovative technology services to customers looking to transition to the modern era of IT infrastructure.”

“This team has played a fundamental role in the success of the NSX Marketing campaign, so for them I was thrilled to see their efforts being recognised by VMware. For the company it means more than just a trophy on a shelf – it is an acknowledgement of our investment and commitment to VMware, and it will offer us invaluable PR that will be a real door opener when engaging with new clients,” she said.

“Our focus on the VMware portfolio has, without a doubt, played a crucial role in Asystec’s growth last year,” said Les Byrne, managing director, Asystec. “The NSX camapign in particular was a phenominel success and led to a global ELA with a large multinational. To have VMware recognise this, especially amongst such tough competition is an incredible honour.”


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