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16 May 2016 | 0

Enterprise mobility management and Internet of Things (IoT) specialist Asavie has announced the latest release of its Moda solution.

According to the maker, Moda enables improved productivity, better security and effective cost management of mobile assets. The new release extends mobile security for smart phones and tablets, with real-time insight into the productivity of mobile workforces, information that enables organisations to set optimum employee mobile data usage policies.

Updated features allow organisations to pinpoint the location of Android and iOS devices on a map with the ocate function, and remotely block the use of the device using the Lock capability. If a device is not recovered, all confidential information can be deleted using the Wipe function. Additionally, security settings including password enforcement can be easily customised to match the company’s policy.

There are also newly enhanced reporting features, that provide improved visibility into how data is being used on corporate mobile devices. This allows comparison of the categories of web sites users are viewing during core business hours compared to non-working hours. There are views of the top 10 sites visited by users from their devices, as well as the ability to identify and rank the data usage across 26 different categories.

“Despite the many benefits of a mobile workforce,” said Ralph Shaw, CEO, Asavie, “employers are concerned about the costs of employees using mobile devices, and require a way to monitor and secure mobile data. Asavie Moda’s user-friendly portal puts businesses in control, allowing them to secure their mobile devices, align their use with corporate policy and business goals, while improving the management of mobile data charges.”



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