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Asavie unveils clientless solution to solve digital enterprise challenges

Solution enables enterprises to extend their private networks and SD-WAN to secure mobile and IoT endpoints without the need for a client
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8 April 2020

Asavie has launched an industry-first clientless solution, Asavie SD Edge.

According to the enterprise mobility and IoT connectivity service provide, Asavie SD Edge unifies the management of mobile and IoT endpoints within the enterprise SD-WAN offering enterprise CIOs uniform visibility and control without compromising security or performance.

In the mobile-first digital enterprise, workloads have moved to multi-cloud and SaaS, with the endpoint estate diversifying to include increasing numbers of mobile and IoT devices. As a result, many CIOs and IT teams have struggled to orchestrate uniform security and compliance policies across distributed workloads and management silos of fixed, mobile and IoT devices.




Asavie SD Edge helps enterprises by leveraging existing investments in SD-WAN, SASE, and ZTNA technologies, which brings mobile and IoT into a single seamless network, offering unified management, improved security and a greater user experience.

Capabilities of Asavie SD-Edge include:

  • Unified Management of Endpoints: Enterprise Admin manages fixed, mobile and IoT estate as a Mobile SD Branch through a single management UI to boost efficiency and flexibility.
  • Agility to extend Enterprise Private Networks & WAN: Mobile and IoT can seamlessly access the Enterprise private network, with secure breakout to Internet and consistent security policies – removing the need for siloed management of assets.
  • Secure & Productive Environments: No by-pass of policies on enterprise endpoint estate and remove threat of “shadow IT”.
  • CIO Visibility & Control: Mobile and IoT insights with advanced AI algorithms for enhanced security and notifications ensure the CIO can view of entire endpoint estate and modify policies as required.
  • Clientless Solution: With no software required on the device, the “zero footprint” solution is used to protect all SIM enabled devices e.g. Smart devices, Mi-Fis, LTE routers, and IoT modems among others.
  • Enable Flexible Mobile Workforce: Replicate for remote workers the same secure experience as if they were in the office, with remote access to business-critical applications on-premise and in cloud.

Ralph Shaw, CEO with Asavie said: “We developed this solution to meet the demands of our service provider partners and end-user enterprises. As a result of 5G technologies, they are managing accelerated growth in the number of mobile endpoints and mobile traffic.

“Our next-generation, distributed Asavie SD Edge solution gives CIOs unified visibility and control across all mobile and IoT endpoints, offering zero trust network access for security and intelligent insights. We are committed to solving the challenges faced by IT and network teams, and helping to unlock the true potential of digital business.” 

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