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Microsoft's Office Lens recognises text from different sources and angles and makes it presentable on your smartphone

8 April 2015


Office Lens
For: iOS, Windows Phone
Apps for turning your camera into a PDF scanner have been around for a long time. Now Microsoft is putting a fresh spin on them with Office Lens. The pitch here is that Lens will do more than take a picture of your document and crop to fit, it will take pictures of any source – for example, a whiteboard pictured at an angle – and flattens it out to fill the whole screen. Being an Office app, the results of your scan can be exported to OneNote, OneDrive, Word, Powerpoint, made into a PDF, saved to your photo library or e-mailed direct.

MS-DOS Mobile
For: Windows Phone
Belated April Fool’s prank it may be but there’s plenty of comedy value to be rung from this reimagined mobile OS.

For: Android
This unified contacts management app lines up the people you know on the left side of the screen and the most popular ways of getting in touch on the right. To make a call or send a message you drag the person’s icon over the icon of the method you want to use. You can create a list of favourites so you don’t have to scroll all the way through your phonebook to find people. Simple. Compatible with phone, text, e-mail, Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype, Viber and more.

Social Skills for Autism
For: Android, iOS
Developed by Cork company Doodle Creative, this app is based on the SHINE Centre for Autism’s PALS (Personal and Life Skills) Programme for teaching young people with autism how to manage social situations.
At the start of the app the user will meet Kloog, an Alien from another planet who does not understand social customs or social situations. The user will go on a journey through the social world with Kloog, learning about social rules and customs along the way.
The app also tries to address the nuances in communication and social interaction by introducing the concepts of context sensitivity, social consequences and emotional recognition into social situations and moves away from the stock answer or standard response in specific social situations.

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