Zombie World War for Android

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Zombie World War for Android

15 October 2014


For: Windows Phone
Seminal 90s sitcom Friends is a stalwart on the cable TV re-run circuit but it has also got a streaming app for Windows Phone. You can browse through all 10 seasons of the show where every episode followed the title formula ‘the one where/with’ and gave us ‘that haircut’.

Zombie World War
For: Android
Halloween isn’t too far away so we may as well give a shout out to this addictive third-person shooter that’s all about the zombie apocalypse. Choose from a range of weapons and customise your character’s skill sets over 126 levels. Some extra punch is added by daily tasks where you can earn extra credit.

Sleep talk recorder
For: iOS
Do you talk in your sleep? Are you sure? If you do, what do you say? This iOS app tracks your sleep and if you start talking it trips a recording. Also Depending on how much you like to share, you can post the results to Twitter and Facebook.

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