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Post-it Plus
Post-it Plus uses your camera to take pictures of your idea boards and digitises them for organising and sharing



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8 October 2014 | 0

Peak – Brain Training
For: iOS
Peak’s free collection of brain training games includes ways to improve your memory, focus and all-round problem solving skills. The app tracks your progress with nifty data visualisations. A pro version of the app adds more games and personalised workouts on a subscription basis.

Video Compressor
For: Windows Phone
Not the most glamorous app, but one that performs a useful function, nonetheless. Most Windows Phones shoot in HD natively but this can be a pain when sharing to social networks or by instant message. Video Compressor can change clips’ resolutions to more manageable file sizes and can downsize from 1080p high definition to 480p standard definition in different formats.

Post-it Plus
For: iOS
If you’re one for using a lot of Post-It notes then you’re familiar with the rage that comes when the glue stops working and an errant breeze sends your thoughts flying. With this iOS app you take a picture of your arranged notes, the image capture feature recognises your handwriting and you get a virtual recreation on your phone. You can also bring together collections of notes which can be added to at will and share as an Excel spreadsheet, PDF, JPEG, PowerPoint document or a board for editing by other users.

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