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1 April 2005 | 0

APC’s InfraStruXure power racks now have an integrated cooling system for data centres and server rooms. It consists of APC’s NetworkAir In-Row air conditioner and a Hot Aisle Containment System.

The system is ideal for environments with more than five racks through to 1000s of racks. InfraStruXure uses the NetworkAir In-Row to provide up to 5kW of cooling per rack.

When used with the hot aisle containment system, the InfraStruXure provides up to 20kW of cooling per rack. The system requires only electrical, mechanical and data feeds.

Availability has been improved by placing the cooling system within the IT row, closer to the heat-load, to optimise the cooling performance. The containment system scavenges the hot air within the hot aisle and prevents it from mixing with the cold air. The Computer Room Air Conditioner pulls hot exhaust air from the hot aisle, neutralises it and distributes cold air into the room.




InfraStruXure has hot-swappable modules to lower mean time to recovery. It also has locking enclosures to provide a secure environment, a browser accessible monitoring tools and integrated cabling and cooling to eliminate the need for a raised floor.

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