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AMI signs €150k retirement deal with ICT Services

Pictured: Philip McMichael, AMI; John Roche, ICT services; and Faye Thomas, AMI

23 January 2017

Secure IT retirement company AMI has been appointed by ICT Services to manage the collection and data sanitisation of its customers’ laptops, PCs and other data bearing devices. The deal is worth €150,000.

ICT Services employs more than 100 people across the island of Ireland, selling and maintaining services for PCs, laptops, servers, storage and networks. Its customers include large public and private sector organisations as well as SMEs.

John Roche, business development manager, ICT Services, said: “The big surprise for us was the value that AMI was able to unlock by reselling retired equipment. This gives us a very significant competitive advantage as it allows us to provide a more cost effective service than our competitors.

“For our security conscious customers, AMI provided the lowest risk solution. When you are dealing with the collection of more than 5,000 data bearing devices, in hundreds of locations across the country, you get some idea of the challenge. When you add in the need to securely record, track, and ensure zero risk of any data leakages or breach of data protection regulations, you can see that we are dealing with a mammoth task.

“AMI provides some unique advantages. Firstly we knew from our visit to the AMI Data Erasure Labs, that its technologically advanced processes and equipment were ahead of anything else available in Ireland from a data security perspective. The Blancco data erasure software it uses exceeds the highest government security specifications in 15 countries, including the US, Germany and Britain. It is also the only Irish company accredited to perform secure data erasures by the world’s leading standards body, ADISA.”

Faye Thomas, business manager, AMI, said: “Our end-to-end asset tracking and tagging ensures that ICT Services has real-time information on what stage of the retirement process customer devices have reached and this allows its team to stand over its service.

“We really work hard to make things easy for ICT Services’ end customers too.  Many of them don’t have a lot of storage space, meaning that as soon as the old machines are ready to be collected we need to be there. Thankfully, the AMI Collection Crew doesn’t require any assistance, and we can collect from multiple points on the client site to ensure that things run smoothly.”

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