Allied Irish Bank gets next gen comms network

Pictured left is Denis Burke, AIB and Lorraine Butler, eircom Business

17 February 2014

Allied Irish Bank (AIB) has deployed an advanced next generation communications network with eircom Business. The new network supports the bank’s digital strategy and forms a key part of its wider future vision. The contract was awarded to eircom Business following a competitive tender.

The fibre-based private broadband and Voice-over-IP telephony network has been deployed to 300 AIB locations, covering 12,500 users across the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland and Great Britain. Eircom Business said that the contract represented a number of industry firsts for both parties, including being the largest private next generation network to be deployed across all three geographies and the first deployment of fully converged voice and data services technology within the financial services industry in Ireland.

By utilising fibre broadband with data transfer speeds from 20Mb up to 1 Gbps and internet telephony, AIB has consolidated its voice and data capabilities on a single network which lowers overall operating costs. For the customer, the new communications technology platform ensures the bank has the network capacity to fully support the rollout of new digital initiatives and services in the branches such as AIB Wi-Fi, video conferencing, general work collaboration tools and shared email systems.

“From the outset we set very clear business case objectives for this project,” said Denis Burke, head of Telecoms, AIB. “The investment we have undertaken provides us with a world class fibre network in every bank location to support our digital agenda and has resulted in the rollout of an IP-based phone to every desk, empowering our people with the most advanced telecoms capabilities around data, voice, Wi-Fi and mobility.

“Working tightly with the team at eircom Business, AIB is now equipped with an even more sophisticated and forward proofed communications system and we are delighted to bring a wide range of exciting new digital based services to our branch network.”

“We have worked very closely with AIB on what is one of the largest deployments of a private next generation network and IP telephony project ever undertaken,” said Lorraine Butler, director of Enterprise and Government, eircom Business. “We are very excited about the resulting benefits that this new technology platform delivers for AIB and especially how it has helped them to evolve the way they interact with their customers. I have no doubt that AIB will become a significant showcase and model for many businesses and organisations to follow in the move towards the integration of voice and data over a single network for the digital age.”


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