Alcatel Lucent network switches get ACA approval

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16 January 2015 | 0

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise network switches have been approved by the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) for energy efficiency, a first for enterprise network vendors. This makes it eligible for the Accelerated Capital Allowance (ACA) tax incentive, which allows businesses to cut taxable income by 100% of the capital expenditure on eligible technology.

The ACA is a tax incentive for companies paying corporation tax in Ireland and was first introduced by the Irish government in 2008 as a means to encourage companies to invest in energy saving technologies. While the ACA is sometimes better known for incentivising energy efficient technology in such areas as heating, lighting or energy management systems, it also recognises the considerable energy consumption of business IT networks and includes ICT equipment as part of the energy efficiency scheme.

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise network switchgear consumes up to 50% less power than those of other vendors, with almost its entire switching portfolio eligible for the ACA and can now be found on SEAI’s Triple E register, the benchmark register of best in class energy efficient products.

The vendor’s certified equipment includes the OmniSwitch 6900, 6860(E), 6850E, 6450 and 6250 switch families, a diverse range of local area networking equipment that allows businesses of various sizes and networking needs to benefit financially as part of the ACA.

“Forward-looking programmes such as the SEAI’s play an important role in encouraging investment in energy efficient technology, as well as increasing the awareness of the differences in energy consumption between qualifying and non-qualifying networking equipment,” said Eamon Connaughton, distribution manager Ireland and UK, Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise.

“Rising energy costs, and shifts in public and government attitudes toward sustainability are making energy efficiency a priority for businesses that see energy-efficient equipment as a way to reduce their carbon footprint as well as reduce operating expenditure. The majority of Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise’s switches qualify for the ACA and are in fact well below the Triple E threshold, and we are hoping to have the remaining switch in our portfolio approved very soon.”

“This is a great initiative for businesses to capitalise on industry leading networking technology with a cost saving incentive, not only on acquisition but also on the lifetime running costs of a modern ICT environment.”


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