Action Point launches HoloLens development service

John Savage, Action Point, right, demonstrates the HoloLens



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8 February 2017 | 0

Action Point has launched Idea Factory, a software development service for Microsoft’s mixed reality device HoloLens.

According to the company, the service enables organisations to explore cutting edge mixed reality solutions created by Action Point using Microsoft HoloLens.

Idea Factory begins with a conceptualisation workshop to establish the commercial viability of the initial idea, said Action Point, which is followed by a detailed workshop to help the client decide how to develop the concept into reality. Throughout the process, clients can measure the progress with hands on demonstrations. Finally, at the end of the Idea Factory a proof-of-concept solution will be ready to deploy. When complete, the Action Point team supports the release of the software into the Windows Store, and onto a supplied HoloLens.

“The early adopters of HoloLens for business will likely be visionaries that see the value of connecting the virtual and physical world,” said John Savage, CTO, Action Point. “An architect might show his clients the completed building as they walk through it in its uncompleted state. Medical students might explore realistic human anatomy models. A factory manager might use HoloLens to create a virtual content-sensitive Human Machine Interface (HMI) or to display their predictive maintenance data physically on their production line. Police officers might train by engaging safely with virtual criminals in real environments, rather than on computer screens.

“With Action Point’s Idea Factory,” said Savage, “these visionaries can develop their HoloLens ideas to quickly gain a competitive advantage, improve productivity and enhance efficiency. The potential of the HoloLens is limitless and it is already being referred to as the future of computing. What companies now need is to develop specific software to make it applicable to their businesses and that’s what Action Point’s Idea Factory is all about.”



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