Acorn Life goes automatic with Exaxe’s Advice Plus

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Norman Carroll, Exaxe, with Gerard Ryan, Acorn Life DAC



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13 November 2017 | 0

Acorn Life DAC has successfully implemented Exaxe’s automated advice SaaS offering, Advice Plus.

The agreement saw the insurer replace a point of sale system used by Acorn Life’s direct sales associates with an automated solution to support agents providing advice and recommendations for product purchases.

Gerard Ryan, operations director, Acorn Life, said: “Acorn Life DAC needed a solution that would reduce the cost of its direct sales process whilst simultaneously increase efficiency and customer satisfaction.

“After researching the market, Exaxe had by far the best online and offline digital advice solution of any software provider. Advice Plus allows Acorn Life DAC to process electronic applications straight through to the back office with improved customer service, whilst also providing significant cost reductions.”

The Web-based SaaS solution supports distribution directly to the end consumer; however, Acorn Life DAC’s configuration is supporting its direct sales force in an advised environment. Advice Plus supports the complete automated advice value chain from fact find and needs analysis right through to the identification of shortfalls and the provision of personalised recommendations.

Philip Naughton, executive director of business development at Exaxe, said: “Acorn Life DAC chose Exaxe’s Advice Plus solution as it offered far more capability than any other SaaS solution on the market. Advice Plus’s digital by default approach has enabled a single consistent sales process to be carried out at a time and place suitable to the end-customer.”

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