Accountant Online to create 100 new tech and accountancy jobs

Larissa Feeney, AccountantOnline
Larissa Feeney, Accountant Online

Remote and hybrid working options to be made available for all employees



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11 October 2021 | 0

Accountant Online, Ireland’s largest online accountancy firm, is to triple its workforce with 100 new jobs over the next four years. The new positions will be in the accountancy and technology fields with ancillary staff also being hired to bring the total workforce to 150 by early 2026.

Accountant Online offers financial and business services to companies mainly in the tech, software and consulting sectors. The company has 51 employees across offices in Dublin, Derry, Letterkenny, and remotely across the island of Ireland and overseas.

Established in 2015 by CEO Larissa Feeney, Accountant Online has 2,000 clients and has won numerous awards, including practice of the year 2020 at the Irish Accountancy Awards.




CEO and founder Larissa Feeney said: “When I set up the company, the accountancy industry was still at a very traditional stage and, while there has been a lot of digital transformation in the industry, there is still a lot more room for clients to benefit from further innovation and digitisation.

“Technology has always been core to our business and that has allowed us to capitalise on the move by customers towards digital professional services, the pace of which has been accelerated by the Covid-19 pandemic. Dramatic advances in CRM and cloud technologies are also allowing us to service our clients really well and more efficiently than traditional accountancy practice methods.”

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