Vanessa Tierney, Abodoo

Abodoo joins up flexi-workers and employers via Solv platform

Irish company takes global view on how to change hiring
Vanessa Tierney, Abodoo

14 May 2019

Abodoo has announced a collaboration with Concentrix, connecting the career matching platform with the remote working platform Solv.

Solv enables Concentrix’ global clients to work either part- or full- time, in an office, co-working space or entirely remotely via broadband and can even inform how much they earn based on a rating of skills and experience. This crowdsourced support model means they can extend customer service and support with much more agility, but with controlled cost.

Vanessa Tierney, co-founder of Abodoo, said: “This type of innovation is exactly what our registered members are looking for. They want real flexibility and they want to be paid a fair rate for the job. Working with Concentrix’ Solv platform, we are able to offer just this. These roles can be in addition to their existing job or full time; it’s absolutely the members’ choice.”




Solv opportunities for remote workers from US, UK, Ireland and India are already live on the Abodoo platform and interest is high. More will be added along with new geographies. The entire process from registration and application through to starting work is fully automated.

“We have members registered in more than 60 countries; but are keen to increase our membership. The roles we are hosting for Solv will enable us to offer positions to people across a number of geographies. Smart working is a really great way for people from all walks of life to find their dream job. Parents returning to work, disability groups, careers and people who simply can’t commute or work a standard 9-5 office-based job still have great skills and experience. It’s a really inclusive approach to recruitment and opens up the recruitment pool for our clients.”

Abodoo launched in Ireland in 2017, the UK in 2018 and has now has campaigns in the US and India.

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