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15 April 2019 | 0

Given the enterprise agenda, what advice can channel professionals give organisations going through a transformation process?

Martin Carry, head of enterprise business unit at Evros, says the gest place to start is to “sort out deliverables and how to make that happen. He endorses the idea of coming up with a customer tool kit to catch problems the business may be aware of before they become issues.

Lorne Chadzey, head of cloud & infrastructure solutions at Asystec, takes a somewhat contrarian view.

“Avoid the cliche of people, process and technology and look at how to operationalise the transformation,” he says.

Chadzey explains that business need to have multi-disciplsinary teams that are focused on pulling together and delivering a soluton – changing the company works instead of treating digital transformation as a finite process.

Sandra Dunne, sales manager, Logicalis, says companies are well-advised to lassify the projects the want to work on. She says to look at the dependencies you have in relation to those different projects and define a strategy around it.

Dunne also says the value of data and it’s impact on the business cannot be understated and should be treated as an essential resource.

Neil Mullaney, principal IT consultant, and DNA IT Solutions says any process must involve and understanding of “the customer’s business process, their marketplace, how they interact with customers and prospective customers”.

He advises using an approach of “workshopping to identitfy primary applcations, where they reside, what they do, what the bottlenecks are and where they could potentially sit in relation to that business transformation.”

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