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New InfraStruxure enables SMBs to deploy and manage their own critical IT infrastructures



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24 May 2012 | 0

Schneider Electric has announced InfraStruxure for small IT, with claims of it being the first ever industry offer enabling small-to-medium sized businesses to design and build their physical IT infrastructures around the power of a comprehensive offering, including both software and hardware.
The InfraStruxure solutions, which now provides comprehensive solutions ranging from small IT environments up to two megawatt data centres, had previously only been available to large enterprises.
This new line will speed the deployment, configuration and installation of IT infrastructures in small environments, such as a server room, network closet or non-dedicated space.
Dave Johnson, senior vice president, home and business networks at Schneider Electric said "the rapid adoption of new business technologies and the influx of increasingly challenging amounts of data have made intelligent IT operations critical to any size business -not just large corporations. But because the industry primarily uses a component approach, current offerings do not address the growing complexity of critical small IT spaces."
Businesses will be able to design a tailored combination of UPS systems, server racks, cable management, physical security, PHU’s, cooling technologies, management infrastructure and software to elevate efficiency, leverage virtualisation and consolidation opportunities, reduce downtime, extend the life of equipment and slash extraneous energy consumption, waste and emergency shut downs.
To help customise each solution, the maker has developed two, user-friendly design tools, including one to help channel partners configure solutions for customers, and another, publicly accessible web portal to help guide and educate customers on how to best solve their challenges which will be available in mid-May.
After installation, the integration of individual outlet control, energy reporting and other critical management functions into one central dashboard will allow IT managers and system engineers to achieve remote manageability.

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