Free Download Manager 5.1.26 (64-bit)


A free download manager for your USB drive



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20 March 2017 | 0

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Bob Thornton

Our Rating: 3.5
Date: 20-03-2017
Award: None
License: Freeware
Developer: Free Download

Download managers serve at least two purposes, both of which help to make it easier to get hold of files from the internet. The first feature is to speedup downloads by enabling you to download parts of the same file from multiple locations at the same time, helping to avoid server bottlenecks. The second key feature is support for download resumption. This means that if you download is interrupted for any reason, you can pick up from where you left off rather than having to start again.

Free Download Manager is a utility that offers both of these features, but it also has a number of others. To start with, this is a portable app that you can copy to your USB drive and run on any computer without the need for installation. There is also support for not only Flash downloads but also torrents.

Downloads are automatically saved to a folder on your USB drive, but you could opt to change this to a different folder. One option would be to select a folder that is being synchronized using Dropbox or Google Drive so downloads could be automatically synchronized between computers. As with other download managers, downloads can be filtered according to their type and individual transfers can be paused and resumed as required.

Free Download Manager will also allow you to take advantage of browser integration. This is a feature that is disabled by default, but if you are working with the portable version of Firefox you may want to choose to enable it. If you do this, you have to take care to ensure that any locally installed browsers are closed or you may run into problems, but overall this is a competent tool.

Note that this is the 64-bit version of Free Download Manager.

What’s new in 5.1.26 (see changelog for more):

– [Youtube] Improved parser to work with new pages
– [macOS] Disabled network configuration monitoring module to improve performance on macOS for WiFi connections
– [Edge] Restart integration module on update (please see “Known issues” below)
– [Update on macOS] Fixes for update breaking audio/video streams merging and next update (please see “Known issues” below)
– [Scheduler] Fixed issues with specifying schedule before adding a download
– [Win] Fixed issue when restarting an HTTP download would delete the file afterwards
– [Batch downloads] Minor fixes
– [IE] Bug fixes for context menus on extension install/uninstall
– General bugfixes and performance improvements

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