AWS adds RHEL on Reserved Instances to cloud

Enterprises that use Amazon's cloud to run Red Hat's OS can pay an upfront fee to get a lower hourly rate



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1 August 2012 | 0

Amazon Web Services has added the ability to run Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) as a Reserved Instance, which allows users to cut their costs, the company has said.

The Reserved Instances are a complement to Amazon’s On-Demand Instances. Instead of just paying for what they use Reserved Instances give enterprises the option to make a one-time payment for each instance they want to reserve and in return receive a discount on the hourly charge for that instance.

There are three Reserved Instance types (light, medium, and heavy utilisation) that allow enterprises to balance the amount they pay upfront with the effective hourly rate, according to Amazon. Enterprises also get to choose between 1-year or 3-year terms and a number of different performance levels.

For example, the one-time fee for a small instance with light utilisation is $69 (€56) when signing a 1-year term and $106.30 (€86.34) when paying for a 3-year term. The corresponding hourly rates are from $0.099 and $0.091. The on-demand cost for a small instance is from 0.140 per hour.

Reserved Instances are also eligible for volume discounts, which can save enterprises an additional 10% when they spend more than $250,000 (€203,059) on Reserved Instances or an additional 20% when they spend more than $2 million (€1.62 million), according to Amazon.

RHEL Reserved Instances are available with versions 5.5, 5.6, 6.0, and 6.1 of the operating system, both in 32-bit and 64-bit architectures, and in all regions except the AWS GovCloud, according to Amazon.

Reserved Instances can be purchased for running SUSE Linux, Microsoft Windows Server and Microsoft SQL Server on Amazon’s cloud, as well.


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